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We are in need of tutors. If you desire to volunteer and can spare two to three hours in the evenings to tutor, please email us at and we will connect you with programs needing volunteers. 


Mentoring allows people to learn from one another and provides a path to knowledge transfer. Mentors help hold their mentee accountable for their goals by tracking progress, helping them stay focused and on track.  Are you interested in being a mentor?  Email us at


Coaching has shown to have a powerful, positive impact on self-confidence, wellness and performance.  Effective coaching, as it directly relates to sports, runs deeper than wins and losses, it also includes reaching kids on an individual level.  If you are interested in coaching, Lane Sports Group has volunteer coaching positions available for its NFL Flag football league at Once there, click on VOLUNTEER TO COACH and sign up. 

If you desire to coach another sport, we will connect you with the appropriate organization so you can get started making a positive difference.


2022 is the Kick-off of our fundraising year.  Visit our EVENTS page for upcoming fundraising events.  We have an aggressive goal of $750K.  Help us by sharing our page, attending our fundraising events, or donating yourself at

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One of our goals is to purchase buses or vans to provide transportation for kids.  This includes, getting them to after-school programs, practices, games and physicals. We want to make it easier on parents who may not have the transportation to do so. Do you want to help? Email us at

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