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Coastal Kids Foundation, Inc was founded by Teryl Lane of Wilmington, North Carolina.  He was looking for ways to make a difference in his community and decided to volunteer his time tutoring a few students at an after-school program.  He ended up being disheartened by the experience.  He met third graders who could not read nor spell kindergarten-level words, and some kids didn't even know how to write their own names. It was this experience that caused him to do more.

Teryl, a high school football standout who went on to play at the University of Richmond, needed a way to connect with the kids. He had recently started a NFL FLAG football league and thought that would be a great avenue to get to the kids.  There he could help teach them discipline, sportsmanship, integrity and many other lessons that could be instrumental in life while motivating the kids to want to learn and excel in school. 


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So, Coastal Kids Foundation, Inc. was formed.  The mission is to teach kids life skills through sports by helping kids build character, teaching time management, teaching them to be respectful, teaching leadership skills, how to be a team player, how to effectively communicate, and so much more. To achieve this, Teryl envisions offering after-school care, tutoring and mentorship program, and financial literacy and more.


Sports will be the fun "pipeline" to reach kids, so we endeavor to cover registration costs for households that can't afford them, for any sport or any other approved extra curriculum activity the child wishes to participate in. Along with that, we aim to purchase vans or buses to provide transportation for kids to get to and from their activities.


Our goals are lofty, yet very attainable with your help. 

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